The Chalet self catering Salen Ardnamurchan Scotland

The Chalet is well equipped:

Veranda at The Chalet self catering in Salen Ardnamurchan
Rear decking at The Chalet

Owner's Tip
While I keep the bird feeders topped up all the time, you're welcome to bring your own selection (please don't bring grain).

If you want to have a good chance of seeing pine martens and badgers close up outside The Chalet, and don't mind a late night vigil, bring a selection of peanut butter, honey, or jam with you or for a slightly healthier option, peanuts and dried fruit (they adore chopped dates, raisins and banana chips) to scatter on the ground. I keep logs positioned on the old millstone in front of the chalet, next to the general wildlife 'feeding station', and the badgers and pine martens can be kept busy for some time licking their tasty treats off the logs, or rooting through the gravel for peanuts and raisins!

There are also red squirrels who frequently visit the feeding station.

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